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A wide-ranging cultural project, implemented in close collaboration with local communities, involving local realities and municipalities, perfectly in line with the guidelines of the Region: this is the mission that the TPP Multidisciplinary Art Circuit of Puglia implements throughout Puglia.
Drama theater, dance and music shows, contemporary circus, theater for children, families and schools, all these cultural events take place throughout Puglia in different venues, from small suburban auditoriums to large theaters located in provincial capital towns. A variegated program, increasingly focused on art multidisciplinarity.

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Audience development

In addition to its event scheduling activities, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese has an important strategy of audience development and education, which is reflected in a number of projects, as well as in its marketing choices and communication processes. The […]

Regional strategies

Teatro Pubblico Pugliese implements regional strategies aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the region and at enhancing and promoting its cultural and environmental attractors through art and culture. Moreover, for and on behalf of the Puglia Region, TPP […]

European cooperation

Over the years, through the tool of European Cooperation,  Teatro Pubblico Pugliese has developed various cross-border cooperation projects with the countries of the European Union and their regions, municipalities and other public and private entities. The projects range […]

Teatro Pubblico Pugliese

Since its establishment in 1979, Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (TPP-, now referred to as Teatro Pubblico Pugliese – Regional Consortium for Arts and Culture) has carried out an uninterrupted work that mirrors the peculiarities of the territory of Puglia, […]

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